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Catherine Pancake

From So Many Dynamos! and Other Palindromes by Jon Agee

Todd erases a red dot
Porch crop
No dresser, Don?

Borrow or rob?
Nate bit a Tibetan
Massive Levi's, Sam!
Pupil's slipup
Ed, a cafe facade!
Stiff fits
Was it a rat I saw?
A Santa at NASA
Won't I panic in a pit now?
Diana Bruno, on urban aid
Otto made Ned a motto
Liar trail
Son, I sack casinos
Dali lad
Ed is busy! Subside!
Ron...I'm a minor!
Tube debut
Too bad I hid a boot
Rats paraded a rap star
Evade me, Dave!
Wee lunar granule! Ew!
Straw warts
Granola salon? Arg!
Amoral aroma
Spoon it in...oops!
As I pee, sir, I see Pisa!
Dr. Awkward
Remarkable Melba Kramer
An igloo-pool, Gina!
Mao foam (my favorite)
Tin sanitary rat, in a snit
—Want serene rest? —Naw
Sit on a potato pan, Otis!
Flo, gin is a sin! I golf!
Too far afoot
Ten alps bordered Rob's planet
Sewer ewes
No, sir! Away! A papaya war is on!
Dad's dad's dad
An error, Rena!
Too hot to hoot
Gabe's on a nosebag
Mad at Adam?
Snot or protons? (another favorite)
Emu fume
A sleeve, Elsa
"No"s in unison
No! Put egg getup on!
Red rum, sir, is murder!
Boredom ala mode, Rob?
Swap for a jar of paws?
Boston ode: Do not sob
—Noose? —Soon
Red-ice cider

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